Tips For Making Your Day More Cinematic

Posted by | December 30, 2013 | Tips & Ideas | No Comments

We here at Sweet Tea value discretion and capture events as they unfold naturally, however, we do have a few tips we’d like to suggest when planning your wedding day:

  • Understand that lighting is essential for video. Our cameras require light to create beautiful imagery. As cinematographers, we prefer to work in natural light whenever possible. Your skin tones will look more beautiful and colors more vibrant if you choose bright prep locations with ample natural light. At your reception, we may need to add a light to the dance floor to better capture your formal dances. Please keep light in mind when choosing your venues.
  • Think of ways to incorporate meaningful moments in your day. Have someone special help you with your dress, tux, or suit. Plan to give each other a note or gift before the ceremony. Make sure those giving toasts or speeches are well prepared and have thought out what they will say about your relationship. Consider writing your own vows and practice saying them without reading the words straight off a card.
  • When planning the schedule for the day, leave some extra time between events. This will give you time to breathe and wiggle room incase you are running behind. It also allows us to think through our next shot and freedom to be more creative, rather than just reacting to the moment. Your cake cutting, first dance, speeches, etc call for different lenses, camera placement, and audio set up. If the schedule does change last minute, a heads up will allow us to film each event the best we can.
  • Prepare yourself mentally for being in front of the camera for most of the day. Our team is discreet and very rarely, if at all, will we put a camera ‘in your face’. It is important for you both to feel comfortable with us around. You can trust us. We only want to capture you looking your best, so you can rest assured we will use only the most flattering footage. We are intentional about putting you at ease when we first arrive but it is helpful to prepare yourself.
  • Relax and enjoy the day! Smile often. Laugh freely. Have the time of your life. Don’t get hung up on things that may not go according to plan. If you want to remember the day as a joyful one, be joyful!
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