Hola Amor!

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We started our 2014 season filming at a wedding in Mexico. Quite possibly my favorite way to kick off a much anticipated exciting year! The bride and groom were a little stressed as a snow storm threatened to ground the flight containing nearly the entire wedding party, guests, photographer, and filmmaker. They were much relieved when we all arrived, right on time, ready to spend a few days celebrating the beginning of their new life together!

New to our arsenal of equipment this year is an underwater video camera. Cancun was the perfect opportunity to test it out! I (Amy) went along with the photographer and the bride’s parents and sister on a boat trip out to a coral reef to go snorkeling.  The water was clear and the reef was beautiful!

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We start off our domestic weddings this weekend, with David and Anne. They will be tying the knot here, in the states, but then flying across the big pond for a reception in the UK. Looking forward to celebrating with you two!

2014 so far has been quite busy meeting with couples and getting things in order for our most amazing year yet. It’s always fun discovering the new trends and styles for the upcoming year.  What will this season have in store for us?  As of now, along with our St. Louis weddings, we have Las Vegas, Colorado, Kansas City, Napa Valley, Chicago, and Florida on the calendar.  If you don’t already, follow along on our adventures through Instagram!

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